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Saturday, July 7, 2012

of a drunk...ha ha just intoxicated

so, today am fucking crazy ass drunk rightnow!! wht!! my cuz decided not to be at home and for some reason thatraffected me more than i thughth. so i got a six pack and i a on numbe 5. i fuckinghate thefact that we are classified as :infertile" what a unch of bs. Notice i am not going tocange the spelling because it just adds to the affect that i am drunk. ha hA. MAYBE I AM NOT AND I AM REALY JUST ANGRY AGAIN.OR MAYEB I AM BOTGT AND I THINK ITS FUNNNY TO TYPE LIKE THIS, this is thw shit about the internet. you just never fuvking know whats going thru a persons mind. smetimes i think about publsihing thi shit so allmy firedns can read abouthat what ut means to be suicida and crazy un thfuking headi i hope u peeps cn decode this shit. i just realized i cantoe worth shit,. i am horrible. i cant believe i had anb office job,. this shit is ricuclous. der god. i love you. i hope you will let me have the blessing of a child. jai shri Krishna. is it wrongto pray while drunk> is it worng tobe hopeful? is it wrong tpo be envious abot the ppl you know? fuck./

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