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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An evening Prayer

I think it's time I start writing down my prayers. Dear Lord, Thank you for my family. I love my wonderful husband, and my 2 dogs. My mom is awesome and always helpful. My brother is so giving and caring. My in-laws are wonderful and so is my best friend. So thank you for all of these people. Thank you for my job and for giving my husband a good job. Thank you for the opportunity to do something meaningful with my life. Please protect all my family and friends, (pets included). Please forgive me for my sins. Thank you for letting my have the opportunity to finally try IVF, Please help me to get pregnant. I am trying to stay positive God, and I know i can with your help. I know I have been praying all of my life, but I think it's about time I actually write them to you. THank you for everything

1 comment:

  1. Amen.

    Keeping you in my prayers hon and glad you are doing better.