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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just another day

Well, it's Sunday and I am feeling ok. I am on day 31. I can kinda feel like AF is going to be here. I kinda feel sad and I kinda feel anxious. Once things start flowing (pun intended) I know we can begin IVF. My friend has been driving me crazy sometimes talking about having another baby. I am trying to be rational about it. She mentions cramps, and ovulation and taking a preg test. I know that she wants to be preg, but sometimes its hard for me to listen. Sometimes she talks too much about it but i don't want to be rude. i am not sure how i feel about everything. i am going to my MIL's house today and i hope i can survive. sometimes the conversation is dull. sometimes its ok. DH doesn't say much sometimes. i think his brother and wife will be there too and she talks more than anyone all together. it might be a long day. Kinda just want to stay at home ad relax before the week begins. oh well. this is my weekly complaint.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

School is almost here!

Well, things have been pretty good so far. I have had a chance to work on my classroom. It is finally starting to come together. I went to some GT training and that has actually opened my eyes to gifted students. I didn't realize there were so many types. At least now I know and I know how to approach them. I am really looking forward to this year, but I am EXTREMELY nervous. There are so many teachers who are EXCEPTIONAL that it scares me. I am to make sure I not the weak link on my team. or in the school. Today is a pretty good day, so I am not going to ramble on about anything negative. I actually started listening to upbeat music in the car again, which i haven't done for months. We have some landscaping people coming today to look at our front garden bed. We got a note from the HOA about our weeds! silly HOA!!! that's what we pay them for. but it still irritates me. i have been having a lot of BTS (back to school) nightmares. Kids running rampant. Not enough desks. Fighting. just crazy stuff. but this happens every year. to most teachers i think. At least the ones who care about their job. well have a good day folks.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

dreaming about school already? DAMN!

So the back to school dreams have started! All my teacher friends can relate. I had a dream that I was in a room with 50 kids, not enough desks and we were crammed like sardines. Kids started fighting and yelling and it was a mess. Then 2nd period started and I tried a different tactic, CKH, and it worked. THe kids loved me and the class went well. I've had a couple of them before, but I can't remember what they are now. I know that as the day gets closer, I will have a few more dreams. Oh well! That's the life of a teacher :) I still love school!