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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hope...can it be true?

We met with Dr. Le today and he explained the whole IVF process. I feel a little bit better about everything. I am hoping this process run smoothly. I am truly afraid to hope. I know that i just need to relax and be patient and pray. Thank you to those with kind words. THat also really helps as well. today i feel that i am on the right track. I know it will be a tough one but i know i can make it through with people like my family and my online family as well. Thanks again, You have brought some hope to me.


  1. So glad you are starting the process. Keeping so much hope for you.

  2. I love Dr. Le. He has such a good way of making things seem so calm and so black and white. Heres what it is, heres what we need to do. period. done. He gave me two beautiful babies! I *only* struggled for two years. went to him, and 3mo later, boom, preggo! next go 'round, we went right back to the same protocol and it worked the first time! :) good luck to you...i know the pain of being afraid to ill hope for you. youre in my prayers...

  3. Thank you so much! that gives me hope :)
    I really like Dr. Le as well and I know a couple of other people who went to him and were successful :)
    Thanks for sharing your story