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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a future IVF patient

So we met with the doc today and it turns out we have a couple of options. I can get a laporoscopy done or I can got straight to IVF. the lap would help the doc tell if there is any scarring in the uterus. He started talking about how some women who have chlamydia or endometriosis have scarring. i told the doc that i have already been scanned for chlamydia and never had a positive result. he was saying its still possible to have gotten it and not known. i havent had but 3 sexual partners, so i dont think it's possible. Also, I have never had signs of endometriosis, so i dont see the need for a lap. He was saying we could do that and then try the IUI again, but that just sounds like taking the long way.

IVF cycle is about 6 weeks. i have to take injectables, which makes me nervous. its so damn expensive too....why oh why does it take so much to get pregnant!!!!!!!!!


  1. *hugs* It is unfortunate when it does take so much to get pregnant. Hang in there!

    Also, I just wanted to let you know, I didn't have any symptoms of endo either. My periods are very regular, normal flow and never painful (for more than the first 24 hours of normal annoying cramping). The only thing that caused them to think I had endo was a dark spot in an ultra sound. Surgery confirmed my endo and the reason I couldn't get pregnant on my own. I do hope that isn't your case though.

    Good luck with starting IVF! I'll be waiting to see how it goes for you.

  2. I had a lap, never had chlamydia, never had endo, only 1 sexual partner, and did opt for the lap after my first IUI. had the lap, then the next IUI was successful. as expensive as IVF is, it might be worth a shot for the lap. i know how it is as an infertility patient...every option is another month away from possibly having a baby. i didnt want to "waste" a month by doing the lap, but went ahead and did it at the last minute (almost too late in my cycle, almost had to wait another month...i had already started my pills even). at the same time, i was feeling greedy bc i already had one child....then i was going to have a surgery to get another child...what if i died and my one child lost a mom because i wanted a sibling for my child? i remember the instant i woke up: I asked "is it over? did I survive?" they laughed, but it was very serious to me. they thought i was just disoriented from the anesthesia. i was very lucid..i knew i had a 2yo waiting on me and was just glad to have survived. then people saying "just be glad for the one you already have"...infertility at any stage is so incredibly hard. monetary challenges, emotional devastation, its all a package deal....and the deal sucks. especially, when, like you, i am a teacher and spend ALL FUCKING day with OTHER people's kids, and was desperate to have my own. the irony is not lost on me.
    I hope and pray that you are able to get pregnant soon.