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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

lunch talk

so it's lunch time and everyone of course is going out to eat and i decide to stay here and eat. the girl invites me to join her and her friends in the teachers lounge. sounds better than eating by myself. Was i wrong or what? Everyone starts talking about their kids again and how they are sick and how having a 2yr old is tough stuff and that's why i only had one and blah blah BLAH! I am so sick of hearing the same conversation. I stayed for about 15 to 20 min and that was it. I just left. I went to the cafeteria downstairs and saw a couple of my old students. it was pleasant seeing them. now i am back in a silent room left alone with my thoughts and my nausea. Yesterday, after seeing the preg ladies, i felt sick to my stomach. now i still feel that way. this is what i get for hating on the preg ladies! damn u karma! you really know how to get to a girl real quick! it's nice to be invited, but i couldn't take anymore talk about kids. I was feeling good this morning and i am not going to let a little thing like that bring me down. At least the training we are doing today is interesting. It actually seems like something i could implement into my classroom. that i am happy about. onwards and upwards i guess.

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